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7th Meeting of the International Heteropterists´ Society.

Martes, 14-12-2021

7th Meeting of the International Heteropterists´ Society.


7th Meeting of the International Heteropterists´ Society.

Barcelona, 4th - 8th July 2022


For the next IHS meeting scheduled for 4-8 July 2022 in Barcelona, we are very happy to inform you that we have several surprises prepared.

Physical presence
The congress is being planned as a dual face-to-face/online meeting. This will allow colleagues that cannot attend to still be able to present their work (both posters and oral presentations) and actively take part in the meeting. Unfortunately, we are unable to reduce the Congress costs due to the preparation of the online Congress also has associated costs, which need to be covered. Therefore, we encourage  participants to attend face-to-face (allowing you to get to know in person the other colleagues, experience the sampling trip, and to tour Barcelona, the city is worth visiting!)

Student grants
We are happy to announce that, in addition to the travel grants already provided (Nils & Annemarie Møller Andersen Award), we will be able to cover the Congress fees for 15  students.
Students/Young researcher eligibility is for all undergraduate, and graduate (Bsc, Msc and PhD) students that are currently working on their degree, or those who have finished their  studies within a year of the date of the Congress (July 2022).

For more details, contact the Organizing Committee.

STUDENTS: Do not forget to ask for your participation in the Kerzhner Award competition if you are submitting any oral or posters presentation. Winners of each are awarded a $200 prize!

For more information on the Kerzhner Award, please contact. 

Workshop on Pentatomoidea

For this IHS meeting we are planning to develop a Workshop on the Pentatomoidea.

So, we want to encourage our colleagues who are working on the Pentatomoidea, and anyone else that is interested in participating, to attend the Congress, so we can get together to discuss in an open forum the current status of this group, which groups of particular interest are in need of special attention, possible collaborations, and a possible new classification based on recently published data.

Link to the website for early bird registration is available.


For further details, email us to: 7ihs.bcn2022@gmail.com

We would also like to say in advance that we are trying to provide the safest covid-free environment and are considering the possibility of a dual in-person/partially online meeting.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee for the 7th Quadrennial Meeting of IHS, Barcelona,

Marta Goula, Co-Chair (mgoula@ub.edu)

Marcos Roca Cusachs, Co-Chair (marcosrocacusachs@gmail.com)