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HPIS 2017 - 3rd Hemipteran-Plant Interactions Symposium

Fecha: 21/09/2016

Madrid. Spain. June 4-8, 2017

The symposium will cover the following sections:

  1. Hemipteran Systematics & Genomics
  2. Xylem Feeders
  3. Phloem & Mesophyll Feeders
  4. Hemiptera-Plant Pathogen Interactions
  5. Insect-Plant Dialog
  6. Hemiptera-symbiont interactions
  7. Pest/Disease Management

Each section will include a keynote presentation by an internationally renown researcher.  Each section also will include submitted oral and poster presentations by participants.

In addition, a 3-day satellite Workshop on Feeding Behaviour of Piercing Sucking Insects will be held just after the Symposium (June 8-10).

The HPIS 2017 will give participants a lifetime’s opportunity to enjoy the historic cities of Toledo and Segovia, as they are within a 1h-drive from Madrid city.

Preliminary Program is already available but more details will be coming soon in future announcements.

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