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V Conferencia de la Sociedad Internacional de Biogeografía

Fecha: 19/08/2010

V Conferencia de la Sociedad Internacional de Biogeografía

La Sociedad Internacional de Biogeografía celebra su V Conferencia Internacional del 7 al 11 de enero de 2011 en Creta. Ls inscripciones se abrirán a finales de agosto o primeros de semptiembre.

Sociedad Internacional de BiogeografíaThe International Biogeography Society (IBS; is a nonprofit organization, founded in 2000, with the mission to:

  • Foster communication and collaboration between biogeographers in disparate academic fields.
  • Increase both the awareness and interests of the scientific community and the lay public in the contributions of biogeographers.
  • Promote the training and education of biogeographers so that they may develop sound strategies for studying and conserving the world’s biota.

The International Biogeography Society will hold its 5th Biennial Conference in Crete, from 7th to 11th January, 2011. Registration opens late-August 2010. The core of the meeting will be four successive symposia on broad foundational and cutting-edge topics and approaches in biogeography and macroecology, each with a suite of leading international scientists as well as openings for contributed papers:

(1) Mediterranean Biogeography: Where History Meets Ecology Across Scales (Organizers: Spyros Sfenthourakis & Remy J. Petit).
(2) New Perspectives on Comparative Phylogeography – Novel Integrative Approaches and Challenges (Organizers: Ana Carnaval & Mike Hickerson).
(3) Biogeography and Ecology: Two Lenses in One Telescope (Organizers: Dave Jenkins & Robert E. Ricklefs).
(4) Analytical Advancements in Macroecology and Biogeography (Organizers: Alexandre Diniz-Filho & Carsten Rahbek).

The meeting also has six sessions of contributed papers on key topics: (i) Island biogeography, (ii) Climate change biogeography, (iii) Conservation biogeography, (iv) Palaeoecology, (v) Marine biogeography, and (vii) Hot topics in Biogeography.

Dr. Robert E. Ricklefs will give a keynote lecture after receiving the Alfred Russel Wallace Award, recognizing his lifetime of outstanding contributions to biogeography.

On the day just before and after the conference (7 and 11 January), there will be arranged field excursions to a number Crete’s most exciting historic and biogeographic locations.

In addition, on 7 January, three workshops will held: Spatial Analysis in Macroecology, Phylogenetic Analysis in Macroecology, and Communicating Biogeography.

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