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VI International Tenebionoidea Virtual Symposium. Mayo 2021

Lunes, 22-03-2021

VI International Tenebionoidea Virtual Symposium. Mayo 2021

International Tenebrionoidea Virtual Symposium VI
21-22 de mayo de 2021
(Viernes y Sábado)
Comienzo: 10 AM EST Chicago (10:00 AM); London (4:00 PM); Pretoria (5:00 PM); Moscow (6:00 PM)

The 6th International Tenebrionoidea Virtual Symposium is a chance for researchers interested in Tenebrionoidea to come together and share our research. Presentation topics can include any aspect of their biology, including taxonomy, systematics, biogeography, conservation, or ecology. Presentations highlighting significant collections of Tenebrionoidea, in terms of overall specimen diversity or history, are also welcome. Time will be made during the meeting for social mixing, discussions on large-scale projects that could be undertaken by our community, and next steps towards strengthening international cooperation between Tenebrionoidea researchers. Attendance is free, though registration is required.

Steering committee: Aaron Smith, Marcin Kaminski, Patrice Bouchard, Kojun Kanda, Andrew Johnston, Paloma Mas-Peinado

External advisor: Nicole Gunter

Registro: www.tenebrionoidea.org

(Participación gratuita)