Boletín de la AeE

Boletín de la Asociación española de Entomología

VOLUMEN 48 (1-2)

Published online: VOLUMEN 48 (1-2) (2024)

VOLUMEN 47 (3-4)

Published online: VOLUMEN 47 (3-4) (2023)

VOLUMEN 47 (1-2)

Last issue published: VOLUMEN 47 (1-2) (2023)

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    ISSN 0210-8984
    The Boletín de la Asociación española de Entomología publishes inedited articles, notes and bibliographical reviews on Entomology, with special emphasis on Ibero-Balearic and Macaronesian fauna. It also includes scientific news or notices sent by members, scientific entities, etc.
    The first issue of the Boletín de la Asociación española de Entomología (Boln. Asoc. esp. Ent.) was published in 1977. Since then, an annual volume has been published until 1993 when they started to publishi it twice a year.The Boletín is included in the Master Journal List, in the Zoological Record and in Biosis Previews, Dialnet, ÍnDICES-CSIC, Latindex, Google Scholar, CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure) Integrated Platform, EBSCO Publishing and AGRIS (International Information System for the Agricultural Science and Technology).
    The Boln. Asoc. esp. Ent. has passed the evaluation of the editorial and scientific quality of Spanish scientific journals in the V call (2016) of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT), and the Quality Seal has been renewed until July 2020. This certification is a recognition of the editorial and scientific quality of our journal and should be an important incentive for publication for all members. The Boletín will hold the FECYT Quality Seal that gives access to the use of the editorial management tool. This editorial process will be progressively implemented in the management of the Boletín. We, therefore, encourage all members to increase the volume of publications in the Boletín, as well as to give it the widest possible dissemination and publicity. In 2019, the Boln. Asoc. esp. Ent. becomes open-access. Open Access is a movement that promotes free and open access to scientific literature, encouraging its free availability on the Internet and allowing any user to read, download, copy, print, distribute or use it legally, without any financial, technical or any other type/kind of barrier. The only restriction on distribution and reproduction is to give the author control over the integrity of his work and the right to be properly recognized and cited.

    The «Suplementos del Boletín de la Asociación española de Entomología» are included in the Granada University Repository (DIGIBUG)